Heathrow approach

The main HQ of IRIS Software, located in Heathrow Approach, required re-cladding to a high-level area along with roof soffit repair. These areas were compromised due to weather damage. Our client was OAL, who were working with Bradford Watts on the renovation of the building.

We were contacted to design free standing scaffold to give access to the unstable cladding. PSD’s technical perspective was needed as the building is encased in glass and 25m high – the scaffold could not be tied to the building. With multiple site visits and thorough communication, we designed scaffold that fulfilled the demanding requirements of the project.

The process

  1. Free standing access scaffold.
  2. Beamed access scaffold on the back elevation.
  3. Cantilevered scaffold to keep it fixed in position.
  4. Hoists to transfer materials.


The detail

The scaffold had to be 100mm away from the glass structure. If the scaffold had moved 50mm the glass would have broken, so it had to be extremely secure – even from the wind. This along with limited ground space was our biggest challenge. We designed an increased footprint so that the shelf weight would result in no movement, paired with tied couplers.

OAL were previously told that their project wasn’t viable due to the glass. With PSD’s experience, skill level and communication, we produced a successful design that everyone was satisfied with. There were minimal issues – the project was a blank canvas for us to innovate for.

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