Our services

We offer a range of expert design services, making sure that our clients receive all the support they require when a bespoke scaffold is needed. Our practical approach prioritises buildability, value for money, and flexibility – every design we produce is realistic, effective, and tailored to our clients’ requirements.

design-drawingsDesign drawings

We produce smart solutions for our clients, working with the beams or system scaffold they already have on hand whenever we can. Our designs are created using the latest technology and in the most efficient manner possible.

calculationsDesign calculations

Designing scaffolding is a meticulous process. We carry out all the necessary calculations to ensure that every scaffold design we produce is safe, compliant, and able to meet all our client’s requirements.

modelling3D modelling and analysis

We’ve invested in the latest software, allowing us to closely analyse and assess our designs to ensure they are as effective as possible. For complex projects and requirements, this provides complete peace of mind.

riskDesign risk assessments

We conduct a design risk assessment for every project, highlighting potential hazards and identifying appropriate control measures to address these. We take the safety of everyone on site extremely seriously.

scaffoldScaffold inspections

After your scaffold has been erected, we can conduct a site visit and scaffold inspection. This is to verify that the scaffold has been built as designed, providing clients with peace of mind.

independentIndependent design checks

We can carry out Category 3 checks, providing a fresh pair of eyes to assess scaffold designs produced by other companies. Our attention to detail and practical knowledge ensure that nothing is missed.

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Call 0207 403 2994 or email info@psd.uk.com to speak to a member of our team. Our expert designers can add value to your project, producing the bespoke scaffold your project requires.

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