Rochester Bridge

PSD was commissioned to design scaffold for Rochester Bridge. This included the Old, New and Service Bridges as well as the Esplanade Walls that were to be given an overhaul. The scaffold was erected to provide access to the bridges for extensive strengthening, repair works and the removal of redundant services.

We carried out multiple site visits along with design revisions to create drawings that were perfect for our client’s requirements. Our client, Alltask was working with FM Conway in collaboration with the Bridge Trust to conduct the renovations.

The process

  1. Suspended and encapsulated access scaffold
    was erected to the underside of the bridges.
  2. This provided access
    for UHP jetting, steel work repairs, painting and removal of redundant services.
  3. The scaffold was installed off twin droppers
    allowing the connections to the steel girders to be changed over as the structure was painted.
  4. Suspended access scaffold was erected
    to various areas for brickwork and stone repairs.


The detail

The scaffold structures were erected using temporary Lane Closures and Span Closures, which meant the scaffold had to be designed to be put up within a time frame. We also had to design the scaffold with the maintenance of traffic management in mind. We couldn’t disrupt pedestrian flow in such a busy area.

A special requirement for this project was the inclusion of water under the bridges, as the scaffold had to withstand tidal loadings and the movement of water. We also had close interface with the client’s engineers regarding the Esplanade Walls. The load spread had to have extra consideration as the weight of the scaffold was solely attached to the pavements.

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